Yes, we sell awesome guns! But this page is under development and coming soon. See our home page and Contact Us with any questions you have about guns.

Gun sales must be sent to a licensed FFL dealer in your State and cannot under no circumstances be sent directly to the Customer.

Call us to make arrangements and we will ship to your local FFL Dealer!  Your FFL Dealer will need to fax us a copy of their FFL prior to shipment.

On gun sales we do not charge a transfer fee but your accepting FFL Dealer may and you are responsible for payment of their fee.


  1. Shipping is a standard $35.00 on most long guns and $25.00 on handguns.
  2. Buyer is responsible to know and follow all Local, State & Federal Laws.
  3. All of our firearms listed on our website are also listed on for sale and in our store. 
  4. Whenever a bid is posted on the firearm is no longer available for sale on line or in our store.
  5. Payment by Visa/MasterCard (credit/debit), Discover Card, and Postal money order (no other form of money order is accepted).
  6. On GunBroker sales you may process your credit/debit card payment through the GunBroker checkout system.
  7. On website sales you may process your credit/debit card payment by phone at the time of you place your order.
  8. Our prices in the store, on the website and on GunBroker reflect a 3% cash discount that cannot be earned with credit cards.  3% will be added to the total of all credit card payments.


We sell GUNS, AMMO, RELOADING SUPPLIES and so much more…Fireworks for anytime of the year, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, family gatherings, and celbrations of any kind, not just for the Fourth of July! SPARKLERS Electric 12 – 8 packs $ 5.00FOUNTAINSBigger Than Life (over 30 feet) $ 20.00Take Me Home $ 10.00Zap Attack $ 10.00Pure Fantacy $ 6.00 or 2 for $10.00 Brilliant Shower $ 2.50 or 2 for $ 4.00FIRECRACKERSDyno Mity Mite 8/7 $ 10.00Black Cat 80/16 $ 10.00Thunder Bomb 80/16 $ 10.00Black Cat 40/12 $ 5.00M-88 Silver Bomb $ 5.00Machine Gun M150 $ 1.50Little Dynamite $ 1.50USA Micro Dynamite $ 1.50 BOTTLE ROCKETSTriple Whistling Moon Travelers 144 $ 5.00Whitsling Moon Travelers 144 $ 5.00Large Moon Travelers 72 $ 5.00Moon Travelers 144 $ 4.00ROCKETSShogun Rocket Candle Assortment $ 10.00Game Face $ 8.00 or 2 for $15.00Black Cat #2 $ 3.00ROMAN CANDLESGatlin Pack 8 pack $ 15.00Super Galaxy 4 pack $ 6.00Standard 4 pack $ 3.00MISSLE BATTERY750 Shot Missle Battery $ 60.00300 Shot Missle Battery $ 15.00200 Shot Missle Battery $ 10.00 or 2 for $17.50100 Shot Missle Battery $ 5.00MULTI SHOT SMALL BLOCKSColored Pearls 48 shot $ 1.50 or 4 for $ 5.00Ole Time Shootout 16 shot $ 2.50 or 5 for $10.00Mighty Cobra 19 shot $ 4.50 or 2 for $ 8.00Jam Packed 20 shot $ 8.00Full Blast 24 shot $ 12.00Wild Stallion 16 shot $ 7.00 Pow Wow 19 shot Favorite $ 12.00Garden Spring 7 shot $ 3.00 or 2 for $ 5.00MULTI SHOT LARGE BLOCKS – 500 GRAMTitan’s Fury 18 shot $ 20.00Gold Brocade 12 shot $ 20.00Hero’s Welcome 23 shot $ 30.00American Intensity 9 shot $ 30.00Super Suplex 16 shot $ 25.00Birthright To Freedom 20 shot $ 25.00ScatterBrain 53 shot Favorite $ 35.00Super Kungfu 12 shot $ 35.00Sky War 37 shot $ 35.00Cannon Attack 37 shot $ 35.00Super Stunt 12 shot $ 35.00 RACKS – 500 GRAMRack’em 9 shot $ 60.00MOTARSHoly Grail 20 pack $ 50.00Holy Grail 10 pack $ 25.00Zillionaire 12 pack $ 35.00 or 2 for $65.00God of Thunder 36 Assorted $ 65.00Excaliber 24 pack Favorite $ 50.00Primo Assorted Crackling 6 pack $ 8.00Artillary Shelf Assorted $ 8.00War Party 12 pack Favorite $ 20.00Zodiac 12 pack $ 20.00 Unlike a big bo retail sporting goods store, we offer free scope mounting and bore sighting with your purchase of a scope, free setup and training with the purchase of reloading equipment. We will spend time with you to answer all of your questions. Serving local and national buyers Find us 24 hours a day and follow our online auctions at We ship products nationally and we ship firearms to the lower 48 states with the exclusion of CA. Firearm purchases require a copy of your dealer’s FFL and shipping address to be faxed to us before shipment to them. Quality and reliability before, during and after the sale is what we strive for. At Gaddy’s Shooting Supplies we appreciate your comments; they will help us in our ongoing efforts to improve and to ensure your continued satisfaction in our company.